ABM 3025c
  • ABM 3025c

ABM 3025c

1410 Dh TTC
Livraison 2-12 semaines (Délai incertain à cause du Corona)

Pontet pour guitare électrique


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The classy wraparound for your DIY project

String spacing: 52 mm, 82 mm pin spacing, 12 "radius, 5/16" bolts with large head.

The 3025 offers our "Advanced String Guide", which goes from a round groove in a V-notch to prevent by a perfect string contact the sitar effect.

For mounting on standard instruments such as a Les Paul Junior, please refer to the needed offset of 4.50mm to the scale length must be extended, since the position of the 3025 intonation curve due to design deviates from the standard value.

By 2 allen screws, it is possible to extend the full intonation range of the bridge so. The wraparound 3025 can be used for both an angled, as for a straight installation.

Material: Bell Brass.

Finish: Chrome.

Scope of supply: 5/16 "bolts with large head and sockets, hex wrench, allen screws and protector box.

Tip1: We deliver our 3022 Wraparound with 5/16 "pin / sleeve as required by the US standard in Asian guitars but the M8 version may be required (see accessories ABM 30208-L).

Tip2: Normally, please do not replace the drive-in sleeves of existing guitars. If you do not have an appropriate tool, this action could be difficult. In addition, the sleeves are usually lacquered in. When removing the paint may crack. Our sleeves have a standard outer diameter of 13mm. In sleeves vary depending on the manufacturer of the guitar strongly in outside diameter (10 to to 13 mm). So we ask you first to ensure compatibility. The difference in sound is already enormously without the exchange of bushings.

Tip3: Please always use ABM studs for ABM bridges! Bolts from third parties can cause problems.



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